It’s just like a dream in heaven. Four family members including myself were successfully registered and entered into the Green Card Lottery, won in our first attempt, received professional lawyer services, and airline tickets to USA.
We now have been admitted as lawful permanent residents in the USA. All courtesy of USAFIS organization. Thank you so much to MR. David Green and the outstanding professional team at USAFIS organization.
Wellington Tapiwa MahatiDV 2017
Wellington Tapiwa Mahati
I’m very happy with the deal with USAFIS, it might have given me all the support necessary so I can get to United States.
Hatem JalambouDV 2018
Hatem Jalambou
The service received was exceptional. With high professionalism, seriousness and reliability. My family and i are highly thankful to usafis organization since we have succeeded the migratory process to usa in an expedited manner permitting us to legally establish in the usa for the benefit of my family and the usa.
Jose Angarita SergentDV 2018
Jose Angarita Sergent
It’s a great pleasure for me to thank USAFIS for what they did in helping me to be a winner of the DV lottery 2015, the USAFIS was always is contact with me during the whole process. I can really say that they are very wonderful in their duties. I’ve been waiting for a long time thinking that they are scam organization but in fact, I was wrong and today I and my family are green card holders. Thank you USAFIS.
Bahadoor ViswarajDV 2016
Bahadoor Viswaraj
I’d highly recommend M/s USAFIS Organization for the provision of consulting services, Legal guidance and valuable assistance throughout the diversity visa program. I had received all assistance needed since the application I made in year 2012 until the review process in 2016. A few steps left to have my family immigrant visa stamped in all passports. I honestly appreciate such a diligent and professional services.
Nasr El Din Fawzi AbdallaDV 2016
Nasr El Din Fawzi Abdalla
USAFIS were very keen to help me win the lottery, they called me on every submission to keep my info up-to-date. And when I finally did win they helped me in the process to prepared me on what is required to proceed to the interview. Thank you USAFIS
Amjad Abu-Daff DV 2016
Amjad Abu-Daff
Effective, efficient and excellence. Service with a touch of class.
Maran ChakrapaniDV 2016
Maran Chakrapani
I highly recommend the USAFIS as they provided me with all the nessary information to participate inthe US Diversity Visa Lottery. And I won !!! That was really great!!! And I’m sure it’s all thanks to the USAFIS organization!!!
Svetlana ChervonyashchayaDV 2016
Svetlana Chervonyashchaya
Me and my wife joined to the Green Card Lottery 6 years ago with USAFIS. During theis period, every year USAFIS submitted our application, answered all of our questions/ If I were applying by myself I guess after 3-4 years I would lose all hope and I would give up. At the end of the 6th year , yesterday, I received the good news from USAFIS. The are extremely reliable and have a very high quality of service. We got answers for all our questions, their consulting services is reliable. Thanks to USAFIS!
Ali MutluDV 2017
Ali Mutlu
If you don’t want to deal with paper work like me, it will provide you much more benefit to spend some money and prefer USAFIS. Thanks to Mr. Deniz who helped for the submission and all the guidance till the winning process, and the Miss Alev who explained me how to go on the procedure after winning and to Aylin Yildiz who spend the majority of her working hours for me. Best Regards.
Ahmet Muhtar KutunDV 2017
Ahmet Muhtar Kutun
We were applying for years Just when we were losing our hope we received a phone from USAFIS that informs us for the further actions. What can be better than that? Thanks to USAFIS Organization
Hatice DoganDV 2017
Hatice Dogan