People who live in the United States have opportunities that the residents of other countries can only dream about. Life in the US is filled with optimism about the future and the chances for success which are based upon a long history of accomplishments by millions of Americans (including immigrants), as well as the ongoing strength of the country and its growing economy.

The United States is sometimes referred to as the world’s Superpower, because of its unmatched economic, military, political and cultural strength and the far-reaching global influence that it has. Yet, the USA is much more than that. “America” is also an ideal about a land of endless opportunities; a special place where all people from diverse backgrounds are considered equal and enjoy the freedom to pursue their own American Dream.

There is an underlying confidence among those who live in the USA that they can find success if they are determined and work hard, regardless of their gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status or other characteristics. Much of this confidence is rooted in the countless “rags to riches” stories that many Americans are familiar with about individuals who may have lacked certain resources, but they possessed the vision, courage and commitment to create a better life in the US.

The excellent education system in the United States helps to unlock the door to opportunities for all people who want to pass through it in search of success. Immigrants have arrived in the USA with one suitcase, little money and no English language skills, but they did well in school, learned English, attended university, and then went on to have successful careers, launch businesses, raise their families, buy a home, and similar achievements. Others choose to receive training at a college or vocational school in their neighborhood, learn a trade and find good jobs in the USA. Having access to a world-class education in in the US can allow anyone to transform their American Dream into an incredible reality.

Now is one of the best times in history to live in the United States. The economy is expanding rapidly, creating thousands of new jobs in the USA each month. Strong economic growth has made it challenging for employers to find enough workers to fill a record 10 million US job openings, so wages are rising and anyone searching for jobs in the USA can find employment. Consumer confidence is high and Americans are making major purchases, enjoying a wide selection of affordable products and services. Low interest rates make it easier for Americans (including immigrants) to buy a home or launch a new startup business. All of this boosts the economy even further, producing thousands of additional US jobs and reinforcing the cycle of prosperity in America. In other words, life in the US is good for the majority of the population and the future looks bright!