Who We Are


USAFIS is a private, Internet-based company (not in any way affiliated with the US Government) which was established in 2001 with the goal of helping people around the world successfully participate in the American Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery for the opportunity to immigrate to the United States.

The USAFIS mission is to promote opportunities that America has to offer in regard to the Green Card Lottery and other US immigration options; giving people the choice to make a better life for themselves and their families. Our company understands that it is the US immigrant experience that can turn dreams into reality. Many people look at the USA and wonder: What if? Our goal is to change that question into: Why not?

Our team of experienced professionals helps to simplify the Diversity Visa Lottery application process, assisting our clients in preparing their DV-Lottery applications and photos in advance according to the official US Government regulations; submitting their DV-Lottery applications to the US State Department on their behalf during the brief registration period held once a year; notifying them promptly if they win so they can take the next steps to secure a USA Green Card; and providing them with excellent customer service throughout this crucial Green Card application phase.

Since 2001, tens of thousands of USAFIS clients from around the world have been selected in the annual Green Card Lottery and many are living in America as Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) or citizens of the United States.

In sum, USAFIS offers a variety of professional services and products to help thousands of clients around the world have the opportunity to immigrate to the USA and enjoy the American Dream.

The USAFIS Advantage

USAFIS offers a range of professional services and products to simplify the process of applying for a US visa to live and work in the United States. Individuals can, of course, apply for immigration to the United States or other US visa programs on their own; however, thousands of people each year choose to receive the professional services and products offered by USAFIS in order to simplify the complex US immigration process and, most importantly, to make sure their applications are completed and submitted correctly.

DV-Lottery Services

USAFIS has created a beneficial service to ensure that applicants get past the first Green Card Lottery hurdle – the application stage.

We help our clients to prepare their applications and photos to meet the strict governmental guidelines before submission to the DV-Lottery during the annual registration period.

USAFIS also offer immigration-related services and products not available through the US government.

Summary of Services:

  • Preparing each client’s application and photo(s) according to the strict DV-Lottery guidelines
  • Submission of an error-free application to the DV-Lottery during the annual registration period
  • Customer Service Department offers assistance in multiple languages
  • Sending Green Card Lottery updates crucial to the application process
  • Convenient multi-year submission service
  • User-friendly online application form that is easy to complete and update
  • Clients selected by the program are personally notified by phone and email

For over 20 years, USAFIS has serviced millions of applications. We are the #1 service provider for Green Card Lottery applications in the world. It is our wish to get you through the five step Green Card Lottery process. These phases include:

1. Registration – Before officially applying for the Green Card Lottery, a person needs to determine if they are eligible for the program. Requirements for the DV-Lottery include being a native of an eligible country and having a high school education or 2 years of work experience in a qualifying occupation. We stay informed on the latest eligibility criteria and can let you know if you qualify for the program or not.

2. Application – The most complicated part is the first official phase of the Green Card Lottery. There are questions on the application that may be confusing due to the language or what is actually required to fill in. Our Customer Service Department can guide you during this phase and offers assistance in several languages.

3. Photo – The US government requires digital photos done according to detailed specifications. We can take your physical or digital photo and transform it into the correct E-DV format.

4. Submission – Before your application is submitted to the Green Card Lottery on your behalf, our immigration experts thoroughly review each aspect of the entry, including the photo(s), before submitting it to the program during the annual registration period.

5. Selection – The US government does not contact winners if they are selected; it is up to the individual applicant to find out on their own. As part of our service, USAFIS agents personally inform you if you were selected in the DV-Lottery. Afterwards, winners are put in contact with US immigration lawyers who can guide them through the post-selection process, such as correctly completing and submitting the necessary documents and dealing with US embassy officials. In addition, USAFIS provides tips about other US immigration opportunities and options as well as information about life in the United States, such as the best places to live and find jobs in the USA.

The USAFIS Green Card Application Process

Here at USAFIS, we have spent over a decade developing and perfecting the professional services that we offer our clients to guarantee that their visa application for the USA is done correctly, according to the standards set by the US government for the Green Card Lottery Program.

The USAFIS online Green Card Lottery application service is available on our website for our customers who feel confident that they can complete their online Green Card application form by themselves without any assistance. All of the Green Card application forms are translated in a variety of languages and the relevant instructions are provided in order to simplify the Green Card application process as much as possible.

Our advanced automated system has the ability to detect any Green Card application field that is incomplete. If this happens, you will receive an automatic message indicating what still needs to be filled in on your visa application for the USA.

After you have completed your online Green Card application form, our team of specialists will thoroughly review your visa application for the USA to make sure that all of the application fields have been filled out correctly and that your uploaded photos meet the E-DV government format.

Up until the Green Card Lottery application submission due date, a USAFIS customer may update or revise their visa application for the USA (for example, due to changes in family situations, such as if their marital status changes, they have a child, etc.). Keep in mind, however, that it takes time for our photo experts to check whether pictures meet the US government standards for the Lottery, so it is wise not to “wait until the last minute” to update your photo(s). If you are in doubt about an update or the status of your Green Card Lottery application, please feel free to contact our USAFIS Customer Service Department – they’re here to assist you!

Once your Green Card application is approved by our team of specialists, USAFIS will submit your application to the Green Card Lottery in a timely manner, during the official DV Lottery submission period (which usually occurs in October). The winners are normally announced by the US State Department in May of the following year.

If you are one of our lucky DV Lottery winners, you will be promptly notified by one of our agents via email, telephone and FAX (as appropriate).

Please note that USAFIS offers its customers the convenient option of automatically sending their visa application for the USA to the DV Lottery Program each year during the official registration period for up to 10 years. Of course, it is important for customers to keep their Green Card Lottery application and photo(s) up-to-date over time and to inform USAFIS if there are any changes made on their visa application for the USA.

If you are selected as a Green Card Lottery winner, USAFIS offers a Post-Selection Option that can assist you in filling out the necessary US government documents, provide insights regarding the upcoming US Consular Interview, and other related matters.

Here at USAFIS, we can simplify the process and alleviate the concerns associated with completing your Green Card Lottery application to help maximize your chances for a bright future in the land of opportunity – the United States of America!

Other US Visa Services

USAFIS offers personalized USA Visa Assessments to determine the best options that you and your family may have to live and work in the United States.

We have created an online USA Visa Assessment form where you can fill in your relevant details which our team of US immigration experts will then review in order to evaluate which of several US visa programs best match your personal profile.

Your USA Visa Assessment will inform you whether you are likely to meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a United States Permanent Resident Green Card (for example, through one of the Employment-Based US immigration programs or through the Diversity Visa Lottery) and/or if you are likely to qualify for one or more non-immigrant US visas (such as one of the several temporary work visa programs). NOTE: The USAFIS Organization does not help clients apply for a US Visitor’s (Tourist) Visa.

If you are assessed as likely to meet the eligibility requirements for one or more US visa programs, you will be contacted by our immigration professionals to discuss your best options, so you can move forward with your visa application for the USA.

Our experienced team of US immigration experts offers personalized guidance to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.

USAFIS also makes available other beneficial services and products to help you have a smooth transition when you immigrate to the United States, such as special airfare and settlement packages; multimedia language-learning software to learn/improve English language skills or learn other languages spoken in the USA; online education programs to enhance US job opportunities; and more!

If you would like to learn about your options to live and work in the United States, click here!