Each year, 50,000 lucky individuals win the Green Card Lottery and get an express entry into the United States. These winners are chosen from a group of 250,000 applicants that are randomly selected from a much larger pool that can have as many as 12 million applications (in 2019).

The number of people that win each year varies slightly in and around the 50,000 mark. However, the winners are not evenly distributed among all nationalities. Your country of birth will play a vital role in determining your chances of winning.

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How Many Applicants per Country Get the Green Card?

There is no set number of winning applicants for each country but there are certain restrictions put in place to maintain the required level of diversity. An example is a rule that says no country can be allocated more than 7% of the total number of available Green Cards. This means each country is entitled to receive, at most, 3,500 Green Cards per year.

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